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Expert advice and tailored solutions for critical infrastructure security, compliance, and resilience

Excelium's Critical Infrastructure Consulting service provides expert advice and tailored solutions to help organisations navigate the complex regulatory environment created by reforms to the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act 2018.


Protecting Australia's Critical Infrastructure:
An Overview of Sectors and Security Pillars

Understanding the Importance of Critical Infrastructure Protection

Critical infrastructure (CI) refers to the systems and assets, whether physical or virtual, that are essential to the functioning of our society and economy.


These systems and assets are considered vital because their disruption or destruction would have a significant impact on national security, public safety, and economic well-being.


The Australian Government has identified 11 critical infrastructure sectors, including communications, energy, transport, banking and finance, and water. The Security of Critical Infrastructure Act 2018 (SOCI Act) is aimed at ensuring the security and resilience of these sectors.

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Food & Grocery

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Health Care 

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Financial Services


Defence Industry




Data Management


Higher Education

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Space Technology

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01. Physical security


02. Cyber Security

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03. Personnel Security

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04. Supply Chain Security

The Four Security Pillars of SOCI Act

The SOCI Act requires critical infrastructure entities to have measures in place to manage the risks associated with four security pillars: physical security, cyber security, personnel security, and supply chain security.


These pillars aim to protect the critical infrastructure assets from threats and ensure their continued operation. Physical security focuses on protecting the physical assets of the infrastructure, such as buildings, equipment, and other facilities.


Cybersecurity focuses on protecting the infrastructure's electronic and digital systems and data from unauthorized access, theft, or damage.


Personnel security aims to ensure that individuals working in critical infrastructure are trustworthy and have the appropriate security clearance. Supply chain security involves managing and securing the complex supply chains that support critical infrastructure operations.


At Excelium, we provide specialized expertise in each of these security pillars to help critical infrastructure entities comply with SOCI Act requirements and safeguard their operations.

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Safeguarding the nation's critical infrastructure.

Excelium provides comprehensive critical infrastructure protection services, ensuring compliance with regulatory obligations and industry standards.


In addition, we support government and private sector organisations with risk assessments, security remediation programs, and mandatory reporting, enabling them to fortify their essential assets and operations, as well as meet statutory and other reporting obligations.

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Safeguarding Your Essential Assets and Operations

Ensure compliance with regulatory obligations and safeguard your essential assets and operations with our comprehensive advisory services.


Excelium's critical infrastructure protection expertise enables organisations to maintain the security and integrity of their most vital systems, minimizing risks and ensuring uninterrupted service.


Compliance Assessment

Assessing compliance posture against the SOCI Act 2018.


Organisational Security Risk Review

Conducting holistic security risk assessments for organisations to meet regulatory obligations and identify vulnerabilities.


Security Remediation Activities

Providing advice and consulting services to organisations to implement programs, mitigations, and controls for identified security risks and regulatory obligations.

Compliance Assessment

We evaluate your organisation's compliance with the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act 2018 and other regulatory requirements, ensuring you understand your compliance posture and security delta.

Organisational Security Risk Review

Excelium conducts comprehensive organisational security risk reviews to identify gaps and vulnerabilities, providing tailored recommendations for enhancing your security.

Security Remediation Activities

We support implementation of remediation measures that address identified security gaps, ensuring compliance and minimising risks to your critical infrastructure.

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Trusted advice for managing critical infrastructure security risks

At Excelium, we provide strategic advice to senior business leaders on managing critical infrastructure risk across the SOCI Act's four security pillars - in a way that supports business outcomes.


As a 100% Australian owned and operated company, we offer cost-effective consulting services to all 11 critical infrastructure sectors, federal, state, and local governments, and private industry. Our team of highly skilled strategic thinkers, risk managers and cyber personnel leverage extensive private and public sector expertise at both national and international levels to deliver outstanding results.


Ensuring compliance with the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act

The recent amendments to the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act 2018 (Cth)  have imposed higher levels of statutory obligation on critical infrastructure entities across the four security pillars of cyber, physical, personnel, and supply chain.


Excelium's multi-phased, modular and tailored Critical Infrastructure Framework can help clients navigate the compliance challenges presented by these reforms.

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Secure your critical infrastructure and protect your organisation from All Hazards with Excelium's expert consulting services.

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Tailored solutions for compliance and business resilience

Excelium's Critical Infrastructure Framework is multi-phased, modular and tailored to clients’ and industry-specific needs. We provide readiness assessments, remediation planning, implementation, and continuity services to help clients achieve compliance with the Act’s requirements, and build business resilience and continuity.


Our Reports are developed to enable business leaders to clearly understand the threats, risks, and remediations tailored to their business’s capabilities, imperatives, and funding.

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Comprehensive solutions for managing critical infrastructure security risks


Excelium will undertake a desktop and operational readiness assessment to identify compliance posture and security risk to ensure compliance with the SOCI Act's obligations across the four security pillars.


Excelium will develop a comprehensive remediation plan to achieve compliance and improve business resilience to threats.



Excelium will provide expert advice and capabilities for the implementation of the remediation plan, including staff augmentation to support ongoing operations and maintenance programs.


Excelium will provide ongoing audit, check, and mandatory reporting services to maintain compliance and business resilience.

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Building strong partnerships for successful outcomes

At Excelium, we take a comprehensive approach to critical infrastructure protection consulting, focused on ensuring compliance with regulations and building resilience to All Hazards. We understand that critical infrastructure assets are the backbone of a nation's economy, security, and social well-being, and we apply our expertise to help our clients protect and secure these assets.


By working closely with our clients, we design and deliver cost-effective and sustainable programs of work that meet their specific needs and enable them to achieve their desired outcomes. Our approach is tailored to the unique requirements of critical infrastructure entities, and our expertise in risk management and cyber security ensures that our engagements deliver outstanding results.

Building resilience for critical infrastructure systems – with expertise, experience, innovation, and excellence


Partner with Excelium for fair, effective and secure critical infrastructure protection solutions

The Australian government defines critical infrastructure as the physical and information technology assets, systems, networks, and processes that are essential to the economic and social well-being of the nation. Critical infrastructure sectors in Australia include communications, energy, finance, food and grocery, health, transport, and water.


The recent reforms to the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act aim to strengthen the resilience of Australia's critical infrastructure and protect it from cyber threats and foreign interference. Compliance with the Act's requirements is mandatory for critical infrastructure entities, and failure to comply can result in significant penalties. Consultation with an expert like Excelium is crucial for organizations affected by these reforms to ensure compliance and maintain business continuity.


All-Hazards Approach to Critical Infrastructure Risk: A comprehensive framework for managing critical infrastructure risks across four security pillars.

Excelium can assist in identifying applicable obligations under the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act across the four security pillars and develop remediation plans to ensure compliance with the Act's requirements.

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Interested in learning more about how Excelium can help your organisation?

Get in touch with our team of experts to discuss your Critical infrastructure needs and obligatory requirements.

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