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Caswell Lowe

Partner | Assurance Lead | CISO

Caswell has architected and delivered projects across the Federal Government and the private sector. Over the last eight years, Caswell has contracted his services into agencies such as the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Defence CIOG, Australian Signals Directorate, Australian Cyber Security Centre, the Attorney-General’s Department and The Australian Electoral Commission.

Caswell has lead security teams as part of large technology programs to develop, implement and support security capabilities across traditional and cloud-based platforms at enterprise and program levels.

Caswell’s professional development has reflected his focus and passion for Information Security. Caswell has focused heavily on the fields of Security Architecture, Security Governance, Risk and Compliance and Security Auditing.

Caswell has extensive management experience across government and the private sector. The focus on his contracting career has been to develop as an SME in his field, now returning to a management role where can bring his real-world experiences and mature his team around him.

Caswell believes in bringing all team members along for the journey. He is a team player and looks for improvement in business processes and methodologies so that all team members can upskill and confidently provide the best possible service and information back to the organisation.

Caswell Lowe
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