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Matt Lefebvre

Director & Managing Partner | Consulting & Advisory

Matt is a skilled and innovative Senior Executive. Matt has leading experience in the conduct of business analysis, process design, benefit management realisation, performance and compliance controls systems, due diligence, strategic reform, design and implementation as well as business modelling and operations projects across the public sector particularly in predatory governance environments.

As a Principal Consultant, Matt has an extensive portfolio of major project engagements, many at the national or enterprise level. A feature of his experience is a strong track record of providing services to Federal Government clients on a wide range of high value, high risk and politically sensitive Commonwealth programs and initiatives, in Australia, Asia and the Pacific.

Matt’s senior roles have been in program/project design, delivery and business process reforms involving complex and challenging organisations with national agendas such as the AFP, Home Affairs, DFAT, SA, AGD as well as several large private sector organisations in Health, Business Consultancy and Cyber Security where he held roles of Business Manager, General Manager, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Operations. 

Over the past 15 years, Matt has been instrumental in reforming business activities to align with market size, requirements and the new strategic positioning for each business while having a clear focus on increasing overall turn-over, sales pipelines and reducing operating expenditures.

Matt Lefebvre
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